Pluie/Noir Podcast 026

"Der Er Mange Ting"

Sound by S.A.M. & Mikkel Ulriksen
Visual Interpretation by José Gonçalves
Video by Max Binski
Pluie/Noir Podcast is a bi-monthly audio-visual episode representing our work as an artist collective. Each episode will feature a one hour collage/mix by one of our producers/djs and a poster triptych by one of our designers.
We interviewed the artists and dropped some questions about their vision:
How are you guys?

Mikkel: I'm feeling good! I'm very busy this week, working on a short documentary, so I got long working days! But it's good to be kept busy.
S.A.M.: I feel good. Caught a flu recently, but I'm good. Music is going great.
When & how did you two start working together? Do you plan on keep working as a duo somehow?

Mikkel: We have actually known each other for quite a while. We found out we grew up quite close to each other. After we got to know each other through dj'ing at the same place regularly, we became close friends. And the last few years we have shared a lot of music and time :) We have been dj'ing a few times b2b, and share a passion for the more inward-looking and experimental music. So it felt natural to collaborate on a mix.
S.A.M.: Actually I think that the first time we met we played b2b. The bar had a totally free vibe. We played there almost every week but mostly seperatly though. We found that we both grew up in the same area and that we had more than just music in common.
We are not really a duo. We are using each other as a test of our music and records. We know each other well enough to be totally honest with criticism and roses. Mikkel will tell me a record I bought is shit if it's shit, and if I made a shit tune he will tell me it's shit also. :)
Mikkel: ...and often does.
S.A.M.: Haha! Word...We would love to play more b2b in the future. I don't think I enjoy playing b2b with anyone more than with Mikkel. <3
Is the Dannish scene good for artistic expression, musicians and djs?
Mikkel: The scene for DJ'ing and electronic music is quite small and kept alive by no more than about a dozen of enthusiastic people. Despite that, the people who a part of the scene are extremely creative and dedicated. Our friends and people who are a part of the music scene are doing everything from ambient music to puristic house and techno, and from production design to fashion wear. People like Mana Pool, Pellarin And Lenler and Mikkel Metal are making some very inspiring music, and people like designer Freya Dalsjö are really showing some new visions and being an inspiration.
S.A.M.: With all kinds of expression I think Denmark is about as good as it gets in terms of what you can do. Most parts of the world have a limited form of freedom whereas the danish society not only allows freedom of expression but supports it AND awards it with millions.
When and how did you record this podcast?

Mikkel: The podcast was recorded in the beginnig of february. It was recorded in a rooftop apartment in Copenhagen using two 1210's and a mixer, a great sunset and good company. Only vinyls and instinct.
S.A.M.: Actually the good company was our close friend who felt really bad and was crashing on a couch in the amber colored sunlight to this mix. I remember a point in the mix when I found myself lying on the floor looking out at the sun thinking that this was a pretty good day. A feeling I connect very much to Copenhagen. 

What can we expect from both of you this year?
Mikkel: Well, actually me and some friends are in the process of organizing a series of sunday parties during the summer in Copenhagen. It's quite new to the Danish scene, and will take place in a variety of really chill locations in the open air. It will be electronic music combined with visual impressions through installations. Other than that I will hopefully be playing some other gigs during the summer. We have both recently met a lot of french people who have introduced us their crews and projects in France, mainly Paris. Crews like Cracki and Latency Recordings and also Improvist are doing great stuff.
S.A.M.: I will start my own imprint focusing on some of my more experimental productions. Some of my productions that I basically like the most and believe in but that labels might hesitate to sign. So yeah that's the big thing for me this year... getting that going. Stay tuned! ;)
Also I am going to play gigs with the FAS crew in Berlin, Moscow and Paris. Hopefully more bookings will come in because I want to travel and meet people. Basically now Mikkel and I are not living in the same city so it's kind of difficult to plan stuff together but hopefully we will work on more stuff this year. He is already an influence on my music through critisism and ideas.  
Welcome to P/N. How have you been?
I'm fine. I have been very busy in creating the project F5 Collective with choreographer Dário Pacheco.
What do you do for a living? Is this visual interpretation of sound a new thing for you?
I am a student and develop artistic works; I am the creator and producer of my own work.
I started in 2011 making books in silkscreen, then all the other work came naturally.
I always think on what the space of existence of my work is, or what kind of sound it seems to translate, but never had made it officially. I think it's impossible to get a product that is only visual.
What can you tell us about your project with Dário, Colectivo F5?
We are currently building a structure which allows gathering all our artistic capabilities in order to obtain interdisciplinary artistic products.
What you need to know about our work is: DANCE - IMAGE - BODY - IDENTITY
We make videos, performance, screenprints ... but what interests us is not the media, what's moving us is gender issues, the construction of identity and the importance of body in this process.
When and how did you paint this triptych?
I made this triptych in my studio at home. I used acrylic ink and oil pastels.
Just started painting after listening the podcast several times, and after a few failed attempts I got to the final idea.
What can we expect from you this year?
This year you can expect the official launch of Collective F5, and new works within the model that we are building now.
The next project is a multidisciplinary work about the idea of how we can be united and void of personal identity.
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